Yes, you read it right.

Like many other languages Go support the concept of enums through the IOTA function.


According to Go documentation

Within a constant declaration, the predeclared identifier iota represents successive untyped integer constants. Its value is the index of the respective ConstSpec in that constant declaration, starting…

Just like Cloud in the software world is something that is remotely present, I will be sharing my remote onboarding experience today, thus the title- Cloud Onboarding.

The Hunt

The Covid outbreak led to a difficult time for the entire world and I was no different. There were challenges here and there…

In the previous blog we talked about Simple Data Types in Python, if you want to read about the basic data types in python have a look at the blog:

Lets talk about some more data types in python:


List is basically a collection of elements of same…

All the Job Seekers in the tech industry are always curious to know the difference between Product Based and Service-Based Companies.

I have made some pointers which represent the difference in these do segments of industries

  • What are service-based and product-based companies
  • Work and Exposure
  • Technologies
  • Culture
  • On Client…

Variables in Python

A variable is a named storage location where you can save some value when you execute your code. It takes some space in your RAM and its value persists till the time your code is executing.


# Without variables
# Add two numbers
#With variables

What is Python?

Python is a very powerful programming language and can be used to write any piece of software. But you can also use it to do data science. Model your sales data, text mining on your latest Twitter feeds, or build the next movie recommendation engine. It’s all possible with Python…

Python 2 Vs Python 3 Which should you select

There has been a huge debate on this topic, “ Whether you should learn Python 2 or Python 3”. If you are also in this dilemma this post is for you.

The first thing you should understand is that if an…

What is Coding/Programming?

For all those who are very new to coding/programming and are about to start their journey by reading this blog post.

We give instructions to our system using the keyboard or mouse informing the computer to perform some set of tasks like:

  • Printing a doc
  • Writing an email
  • Playing music

Growing on Instagram is a difficult and time-consuming job if you are already not a famous personality.

I started my food blogging page @_.interwined_dodos._ (do check it out and follow me there) and faced these challenges in growing. Some of the very common challenges I have faced were:

  • Interacting with…

Reading about the use cases of the Redis I came across a use case in which we can implement an autocomplete functionality using it.

I am going to show you the code to implement the Autocomplete in under 40 lines of code.

Here we go:

#redis client for python

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